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What is Data-driven Creative and Marketing?

Data-driven Creative & Marketing go hand in hand as both acutely depend on each other in this progressive age. Some have art and miss science while some have the opposite. It’s important to understand the significance of both, given their contribution to and throughout the customer journey. There is a reason data-driven approach is customer-centric and it is because the customer is Hero, which unarguably makes data the hero as well. The horror of separating data from creative would be making a scenario, cast in the modern age of advertising, of two characters speaking a language unknown to each other. Thus, not only would it be unjustifiable but a mistake to keep both separate from each other.

While Art, in the field of marketing, has the ability to create attraction and spread awareness through creative ideas, AI aka Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, helps in increasing consideration of the services by showing more relevant content to the right audience. Content marketing, based on multiple trust-building techniques, together with aesthetics converts a brand into a friend-like personality, thus resulting in building belief and pocketing retention. For the same purpose, AI works in retargeting the audience in a hyper-personalized manner to establish a genuine relationship with your valued customers – and speak with them the way you would to a friend.

There is a reason why 91% of B2B brands are exercising content marketing, compared to B2C brands. There is a reason why 70% of marketing executives use data-driven marketing as the central element of their campaigns. It all boils down to the significance of relevant industry data that help a business jot down segments of a variety of audiences that come from different backgrounds, carry individual beliefs, live separate lives, relish specific lifestyles, hold subjective needs and priorities, yearn in their own unique manner. Those that understand content marketing, know this collected data aids in deriving a potential customer’s pain and gain points: what they DON’T have, their inabilities, and what they CAN have, the in-return benefits and conveniences. Given this information (note: this is no less than gold mining), a business develops personas and filters the population in these carefully-crafted drawers of personas. Interesting fact: this process of digging into large databases of geographical, behavioral, demographical information to find/build stats and algorithms has a specific term and that is data mining.

Data Mining is incomplete without Artificial Intelligence. Our entire business model encourages a smart and effective system of working that can, on one hand, reduce work at hand by employing machines (aka Machine Learning), and on the other hand, engage employees in upgrading their skills and knowledge with the progressing times. Curating paid search marketing as a benchmark only lessens your chances of increasing ROI (return on investment) by three times. Content Marketing can boost three times the leads per dollar spent, according to “content marketing ROI” – a recent study by Kapost and Eloqua.

The sole purpose of exercising Data Driven Content Marketing for your business is to be able to filter the population into segments so as to offer your products to the right audience, at the right time, with the right content. Relevance is crucial, and for your potential customer to relate to your product, you need to study and build their personas as intricately as it requires.

Following are the six steps you need to consider before devising a data-driven creative content strategy:

1. Data Mining

Investigating the databases to find common psychological, ethnic, religious, behavioral, geographical grounds in order to create segments and personas. Data is necessary for creativity.

2. Insights

Gather actionable findings from these segments to pull the audience for content interaction through tools

3. Creative Ideation

With the similarities and differences found, make your own idea that clicks your targeted audience.

4. Measure

Draw analysis with the latest online/offline tools and software like Google Analytics to measure your business’s growth and trends.

5. Push

Exercise programmatic advertising through social media platforms, conventional media, and other search engines.

6. Repeat

Repeat the cycle upon its completion.

Taken in the context of Pakistan, there is a scarcity of companies, businesses, and industries that are exercising Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, SEO, and Machine Learning, currently. Despite not acquiring the knowledge, the awareness is missing in addition, so are the suited tools. There are no set examples, benchmarks or yardstick to look up to; or courageous minds to take risks and jump out from their zones of comfort. With more exposure to these subjects, one can expect a shift from old to new business models that govern the above mentioned technologies.

BEE Tech is a platform that creates scalable and sustainable data-driven marketing solutions, backed by AI and machine learning to deliver content to our valued customers – authentic, creative, and valuable. Our automated systems work efficiently in managing brands and customers by keeping a reasonable balance between art and science. We are progressive, keep in check the chronological history in comparison to zeitgeist to craft an idea, informed of the contemporary times.

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