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We build new businesses, products, disruptive startups, technologies, and new products from scratch at our venture studio. 


Compress the amount of time it takes to move from an idea to a world-class business

BEETECH DIGITAL builds ventures almost for all verticals. We work on new technologies, platforms, clicks & mortars, and new product design through a data-driven, modular and structured approach. The approach helps us partner with subject matter experts and talented entrepreneurs to conceive, launch, and scale new businesses in a shorter time.

In addition, we are constantly exploring and validating new business concepts readily available for interested venture capitalists.

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We apply Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, and Agile principles such as Process Management, Validated Learning, Iteration, and Innovation Accounting to the venture-building process.


We leverage an extensive network and ecosystem, reaching out to seasoned entrepreneurs for shared resources. Our network spans practice areas, including brand experience and identity design, product and engineering, talent and HR, sales and marketing, finance, technology development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science.




What Do We Do At Our Venture Studio?

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  1. ​Identify Business Ideas

  2. Build Business Models

  3. Design Experience

  4. Build Low Fidelity Prototypes

  5. Test Market Desirability

  6. Build Corporate Structure

  7. Engineer Processes

  8. Takes Care Of Legal, Financial, and Subject Matter Experts and Founders

  9. Build Teams

  10. Develop MVP

  11. Build Brand Equity & Communications

  12. Launch Products

  13. Increase tractions, measure the activities, Govern the ventures & help produce shared resources.

After launch, we target the following milestones for the next round of investments and to future-proof ventures:

  • PRODUCT MARKET FIT: Growth, Retention, Buzz, Social Proof

  • PROOF OF CONCEPT: Tractional Growth

  • ​SCALABILITY & UNIT ECONOMICS: Capturing Maximum Market Share​


  • STRONG TEAM: A Big Clear Vision with Project Momentum

  • DEFENSIBILITY: Network Effect, Brand Equity, Scale, Embedding


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